About: Merisa Bambur

Her friends call her Mer or Mer Bam.

Currently a Fine Arts (Drawing) Major and Psychology Minor at Arizona State University.

Born in Chicago, Illinois. Moved to Phoenix, Arizona at age 4 with her mother and sister after her parents divorced.

Her father joined the United States Peace Corps and went to Bosnia in 1993 during the Balkan war which caused her parents’ split.

Her father’s side of the family lives in Bosnia.

Her and her sister were first generation born in America from his side of the family.

Her mother’s great grandparents were from Sicily, Italy.

Her mother’s mother was an artist.

Her mother’s grandmother was also an artist.

Unfortunately they both passed away before she was born.

She is working towards becoming an Art Therapist to council people with mental and/or physical health issues.

Started out as a realist artist but has now developed into abstraction.

Her current in-progress series is inspired by Picasso’s cubist period.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. the pieces of your artwork that you have shared from the gallery are deftly amazing amount opinion in the photographs with the colors deftly stand out from the crowd of your work.

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