Where I Came From


This is me when I was precious.

I was born in Chicago. My mom, my sister and I were always together. My older sister was my biggest role model and still is. She is the complete opposite of me which makes me a better person. I always grew up loving animals and I wanted a dog for as long as I could remember. I finally got my dog, Amber Bambur, for Christmas when I was 12. She’s getting old but is still my best friend.

I was always really good at math and science. I took Art in high school and won 3rd place in my high school art show. Before Art 1, I did not know that drawing was a talent of mine. No one ever made me draw or paint before. I enjoyed drawing and my art class, but never considered drawing as a major in college. 

I was very confused as to what I wanted to do for the rest of my life when I was in high school. My senior year, I couldn’t decide on ASU or U of A. I chose U of A because my older sister went there. Since I was good at drawing and math, I was an Architecture major. I hated it so I changed my major to ‘undecided’ for the rest of my freshman year. After my first year, I decided to transfer to ASU because I missed my home, my dog, and my boyfriend at the time. I decided to just do what I enjoyed and chose to do Drawing as my major. 

I went into this major not knowing what may come out of it (career-wise). I was doing some research and found Art Therapy. I had never heard of this before, so I did some research and it looked like something that I would enjoy to do. So now this is what I am working towards.


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