Vrameer Technique

For Painting 2, we have to do an oil painting step by step process that old masters used to use to make their photos photograph-like.
My work is more abstract so this project is super boring for me. We put two coats of oil primer on our panel and then mixed a brown with compliments (I used red, yellow, and blue) which is basically a dark brown and mixd it with our oil medium.
My oil paints are mainly Gamblin and the medium I enjoy using is a mixture that is 2:2:1 Safflower oil:Turpenoid Natural:galkyd lite (I know thats spelled wrong) ha.
Basically glazes with this painting but each picture is the end of the next day. I made sure to take a picture at the end of everyday!


The photo I am copying


Day 1:the drawing


Day 2: add light color and don’t paint over lights


Day 3 glaze


Day 4 I started actually painting


Day 5 cont


Day 6 apples and foreground almost done


Day 7 emphasize shadows finish watermelon.


Finished product.


7 thoughts on “Vrameer Technique

  1. Those fruits look real enough to eat. I know it’s hard to push through still lifes, and I can’t even imagine how you feel since you work primarily in abstract. BUT they look really good! So I wouldn’t worry too much. You’ll have to post some more of your personal prisma color pencil works so I can get a real sense of what you do!

  2. Wow, this is looking so good Merisa! I am just now trying to get into oil painting on my own, and it is way harder than I thought it would be. You handle the medium so well, and it really shows in this painting!

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