Art Therapy: Trailblazing the Future,

I was looking at Art Therapy Conferences and there is one main one in the country. It is through the American Art Therapy Association. I have been following this website for the past four years now and I’m still seeing myself in it. I have done my research and I see that there was a conference last June, but there’s another one coming up!

The hotel that I currently work at always has some sort of conference going on… especially on the weekends. I think it would be cool to be one of those people someday! I know that you can always attend some and they are open to the public usually, but Art Therapy is nowhere to be found in the Southwest. I just want it to expand because I love Arizona!

Anyways, this next conference is July 9 – 13, 2014 in San Antonio, TX.

This conference will be located at the Hyatt Regency which is located right on a river. Wow!

I would LOVE the opportunity to go to this so that I can see what the art therapy world is like! Literally the only sense of art therapy that I have seen is on my computer monitor. I really wish that there was more Art therapy action in Arizona. I would love to meet people who are all engaged in the Art Therapy world. I think then I will feel at home. Everyone I talk to does not know or hasn’t heard of Art Therapy! I mean, SO many people.

Five days of an Art Therapy conference full of fun classes, talks, workshops, networking. I would never want to leave.

I am not much of a talker… but I can see myself not even being able to sleep at night because I will feel like a 3 year old at Disneyland.

Look at this hotel!

I think that going there as a 23 year old future Art Therapist would be impressive to the people participating. I think that it will be important to let them know that I do not want this career and therapy to slow down, I in fact want it to grow… large! I want everyone to know what Art Therapy is! I am sick of people living with their heads under the sand when they can pick up a pencil and paper and feel good. I just want everyone to know that there are simple tools in life to become happy and I firmly believe that Art Therapy is one of them. It feels great finishing a piece of artwork and saying “I did that.” No matter how many hours you put into it, there is something about a soft brush and paint that just sooths my soul.



One thought on “Art Therapy: Trailblazing the Future,

  1. I went to San Antonio this summer and actually walked the River Walk where this hotel is. It’s absolutely beautiful! I also want to be an art therapist, so I’ll have to look into this conference. Thank you for sharing!

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