Pop Art Zombie Halloween Costume

I painted my face for the first time. I don’t usually go all out for Halloween, but this year I decided to. It’s usually difficult to get together a Halloween costume during midterms. I really wanted to do something this year. On Thursdays I have class from 7:30AM to 10PM usually, so I wasn’t going to do anything Thursday night, but around 3, I received an email saying that my last class was cancelled…. GREAT! That meant that I had to run to the costume store, pick out paint, and do what I had wanted to. It turned out better than I had hoped! But I know myself well enough to know that I won’t stop until I get it right…Ā 

Here’s a picture of my painted face. I got a lot of weird comments at Casey Moore’s last night. The only thing that I didn’t get to do was the Ouija Board… dang it!

Let me know what you guys think.


10 thoughts on “Pop Art Zombie Halloween Costume

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  2. Oh, I have seen another pop art make up for halloween on different blog, but it is all new shock again, because yours is so different from her! I really like your makeup, because it looks ‘halloween’ while having that ‘pop art’ style to it. The color choices are very bright yet spooky as well šŸ™‚

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