Finals, Finals, Finals.

Not going to sit here and offer you my to-do list.

I’m not sure why people are going around school today offering everyone their to-do  list because we are all in the same boat as you. Telling you my to-do list will not make me feel better. Anywho, I’m pretty stoked on my painting that I had finished today for my final for Painting 2. There are 3 paintings due Wednesday. I have two finished and one half done. This is the one that I am happiest with. 




Chihuly Exhibit

Got a special chance to go see the Chihuly Exhibit at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix last week.

It was really a great chance for me to see his work because my first year studying at ASU, I actually drew a couple of his pieces because my friend who was a photography major took photos and I drew her photos.

I got to see his work with one of my friends. We took our sketchbooks and sketched a little. 
It was a bright, sunny day and the weather wasn’t too hot. Got some walking in also.
It  seemed like I was very inclined to this particular area with red sculptures with green plants around. I enjoyed the complimentary colors. There was another area with these sculptures but they were green and blended into the area, which I didn’t find as interesting.


A Classmate’s Blog

My classmate/friend, Sarah Black, created her blog relative to her life and artistic style. Her blog has an awesome visual presentation for  her homepage which shows her posts with main pictures. She brings her playful personality into her blog by using a Martha Stewart hipster extreme type of posts. Her style comes from the traditional domestic 1920’s Euro-American feminist fashion and ideals. I think that her style and character is very eye-catching in person and is successfully shown through her blog.
Sarah Black: I’m a Domestic