37.. That number is large.

I wonder what my life will be like 15 years from now. I usually don’t like to think about this. I try to enjoy present day but who says you can’t do that while thinking about the future at the same time…

Anyways, 37… ugh…

At age 37, in 2028 I see myself having a stable career as an Art Therapist, living in a large house near water, owning luxurious cars, and having a husband who enjoys guitars and me.

I wouldn’t say that Art Therapists have stable careers though. I don’t see it as having a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 job. I definitely will not be working with stable patients, and art is always changing. Therefore, my job will not be stable. Everyday will be something new or a new patient to work with.

I don’t know about children, that’s why I don’t really mention them here. They don’t exist right now anyways so whatever.

I think that in 15 years from now I will definitely know myself better than I do right now, or I certainly hope so! I think in relation to my peers, I have my shit together and know who I am. I was never the girl who followed, I didn’t care what people thought of me. People always thought I was awesome anyways so whatever.

Hopefully I will be thin, enjoy eating close-to-nothing, and enjoy running.

I don’t know why but I know that I will be living in someplace cooler like Northern California. Do you ever get those feelings that you just know something but don’t know how? Yeah, I guess that’s what I’m trying to figure out here.

I see myself going to exotic tropical islands for fun, owning a couple dogs. Larger dogs, I’m not a puppy person. Hiking with my dogs and man, listening to Low-Res Electronic, painting and drawing in the middle of the night, and occasionally sleeping through an entire day.

I hope that overall I will be as happy as I am today. Of course life brings stresses, but I believe that being happy is beyond that.

37 isn’t that bad, I was just being a drama queen in the beginning. I hope to live to at least 90.

With that, I don’t know if I will be as cool as this little lady: